Taquiza. South Beach, FL

by Brad Podray

Nestled between the art deco hotel Eva and the ground lies a most interesting taco place. It's basically a taco counter that also will sell you beer. Despite the barebones nature of the establishment, it offers some really gourmet grub. I mean, what am I even talking about you're just here for pictures of tacos so here they are. Tacos, tacos tacos...

Tray o' tacos

And below this text is a picture of their barbacoa taco. This serious business taco is cooked up with cumin, chilis, and negro modelo. It's a fine thing to behold.

Barbacoa taco

My second favorite, the al pastor taco. Slow cooked pork with citrus.

Carnitas taco

My third favorite. This is the rajas taco. It was pretty good.

Rajas Taco

Finally, the chicken taco. Here's my review on this one - It's a chicken taco.

Chicken taco

But wait! There's more!

The dessert here is crazy good. It's a horchata choco taco. It wasn't on the menu board which is very strange but whatever. Ask for it. It's very tiny which is great because you'll be able to pretend you ate an entire dessert without the crippling guilt that comes with ruining your body.